The Central Liaison Office

The Central Liaison Office is designated as the competent authority to implement and to follow up the administrative cooperation and the exchange information in tax matters, in accordance with International Agreements inforce between the Republic of San Marino and the other States and Jurisdiction.

Head Office:

Via della Capannaccia, 13 47890 - San Marino


General Director: Davide Gasperoni

Deputy General Director: Dott. Antonio Nikolakopoulos

Head of Operational Unit:: Dott.ssa Stefania Meloni

Expert: Dott.ssa Chiara Maria Consorti

Expert: Dott. Matteo Vendemini



- Tel. 0549 - 883009

- Fax. 0549 - 885836

- E-mail.


Documenti allegati:


Decree Law n.36 2011


Law n.106 2011


Law n.95 2008